International Conference on Security Issues in Vilnius



Ukrainian Cossacks, scientists and political scientists took part in the 5th International Conference on Security Issues in the capital of Lithuania — Vilnius.
For many decades, the democratically developed countries of the world, the United Nations, the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance have been pursuing a coherent, consistent policy of peace and sustainable development.

Escalation’s lack of tension, nuclear apocalypse, the deployment and implementation of shameful plans by terrorist organizations, authoritarian and dictatorial systems against the confinement of foreign territories, mass murder of people, the localization of armed conflicts, the resolution of disputed issues through peace talks remain one of the main directions of global action, European Institutions.

Two world wars that claimed the lives of ten millions of people, and hostilities unfolded on an unprecedentedly huge territory, with hundreds of millions of refugees, wounded, mutilated physically and morally innocent women, children, citizens of dozens’ countries, never have to repeat.

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It is the respect for democratic rights and freedoms, the desire to live in a world where human values prevail, the national’s will, the right of speech’s freedom and conscience are the driving forces for the implementation of plans for the preservation of peace and stability in Europe. Therefore, in the context of such a paradigm of consistent action in various capitals of the world, scientific and socio-political measures are being undertaken to combine efforts for confronting manifestations of aggression, either by the endeavor of armed forces, the occupation of another’s territory, or intimidation of solving international issues.

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Today, as never before, in Europe, again «was burned with war.» The irresponsible, aggressive actions of Moscow significantly aggravated the military-political situation. Illegal annexation of the Crimea, part of a sovereign state of Ukraine, a hybrid war on the east and Donbass, the resuscitation of the cryptic shameful ideas of imperial domination, the subordination of Ukrainians and many publics, the expansion of military presence in the world, the proliferation of rocket technology, the conduct of exercises with many hundreds of thousands of troops, assistance to dictatorial systems became the main themes of the 5th International conference, where, at the invitation of the leadership of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, representatives were Ukrainian Cossack organizations — the Zaporozhian Cossack Patriotic Movement of Resistance — the Great Council of Hetmans of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, the International Union of Cossacks Zaporizhzhya Sich, the Zaporizhzhya Regional Center for the Promotion of Euro-Atlantic Integration, and the Movement for the Promotion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine SS (Svyatoslav Stetsenko) brings together sworn brothers from many regions of our country, public analytical research centers.

One of the important topics of the discussion was the question of the relevance of preparation for the defense of the country with the participation of citizens, public patriotic formations, such as the powerful organization of Lithuania – the Riflemen’s Union.

For us, the experience of our great-fought sister is important for many reasons, including serious support from the state, the unification of all organizations with a unified leadership and work plan, which is very important from a military-political point of view during combat operations. And joint exercises with the Ministry of Defense, army units, educational, military training, and national patriotic education give serious consideration to a successful struggle with the occupants. It should be emphasized that it is the «forest brothers», as at one time our rebels conducted a long-lasting struggle against the invaders of Lithuania during the Second World War, and the foundation itself was founded almost one hundred years ago.

It is very pleasant that at the beginning of the international conference, the audience had the honor of listening to the video of the conversation with the greetings of the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, who emphasized the importance of the event. So, the importance of attracting young people, all those who wish to study methods and methods of protecting their native country, strengthening work in relation to unfriendly and dangerous the actions of Russian politicians, achievements and issues were discussed by the head of the Riflemen’s Union, general, highly regarded Mr Gintaras Koryzna.

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The well-known and respected General Egon Ramms from Germany, who served for many years in NATO, spoke with strong analytical conclusions and a high profile speech.

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With the knowledge of the intricacies and causes of the escalation of military conflicts in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, with the skillful use of maps, the spread of appetites and the presence of Russian troops, the possible directions of their actions for the deployment of their bases thousands of kilometers from their territory showed with skillful use of maps. Increased military exercises using heavy equipment, fighter jets, bombers, rocket launchers, hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers near the borders of independent countries of Europe, NATO members, and the development of so-called defense against a possible attack from the west, the demonstration of cartoons and rhetoric against short-sighted threats and irresponsible Moscow businessmen from politics put new tasks not only to the armies, to the Alliance, but also to the public of the countries of the free world, first of all in Europe. Only defense capacity building, timely preparation, and citizen support for government policies will be a guarantee of success in case of aggravation of the situation.

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Also, our compatriot, expert in defense analysis Lyubov Tsybulskaya presented concrete reports on the concrete examples of the danger from Moscow’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine, the further escalation of the conflict, the non-fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, the occupation of the Crimea as a method of pressure and intimidation of the international community, subjugating a deep analysis of the opponent’s action against the expansion of the information war against Ukraine,

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dissemination of false, dirty and biased information about events in the east of the country, on the Donbass, in the Crimean peninsula occupied by Moscow. The need to combat such methods was also the leit-motif of her speech. Specific examples, good knowledge of the aspects of the hybrid war, the characteristics of the forms and methods of agents of the influence of anti-Ukrainian forces made the report one of the best.

Chister Mikhelsson is the Ambassador of Finland in Lithuania, who reminded those present of the terrible times of the Winter War of 1939-1940, when several hundred thousand Red Army forces ordered by the dictator, head of Stanlin’s totalitarian regime, on the basis of a lawless plot (the so-called Molotov Pact -Ribbentropp), concerning the division of spheres of influence (occupation) tried to arrange a Fake revolution in Finland, bombed, pressed with tanks, «throwing» shells of the brave few, but highly professional defenders who, together with the Finnish army, did not create territory of another so-called «communism». He drew attention to the analogy in Russian politics, gave an example of his relatives, who also learn to defend their native land.

Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Lithuania Mr Giedrimas Jeglinskas, the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania, Professor Dr. Dainius Zalimas gave interesting speech, who devoted a lot of time to questions of morality, legal regulation of citizen relations and service in the army, drew attention to the fact that the protection of the state honor, law and sacred duty of man, many speakers heard the correct idea about the possibility of defending their native land without weapons in other forms, an important, in my opinion, was the idea of ​​education and protection «in the brains» as well allegory, revealing the meaning of — love for their land, honor, conscience, belief in the rightness of their actions on the basis of knowledge of historical truth and the realities of the world.

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Taking into account the holding of the third historic International Congress of the Cossacks in Zaporizhzhia, the active participation of the Lithuanian delegation, I also had the honor to speak at the conference and tell about our struggle for faith and freedom of Ukraine, the Revolution of Virtue, Operation Dozor, Interception, Kozatsky volunteer «, organization of movement of information resistance to aggressors and occupiers, measures of defensive character and ideological work, national patriotic education. I was stressed that the heroes-volunteers went to the front to defend their native land with weapons, the units and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and the special forces of the SBU were quickly completed. Thanks to the timely actions of patriotically minded citizens, decent government officials, intellectuals, clergy of the UOC-KP, young people were thwarted by repeated attempts by bandits and titushki to seize power in Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and other oblasts in order to carry out shameful plans for the formation of so-called fake «ZNR», «DNR «, the further occupation of the territory of our country and the declaration of a shameful mythical uncontrolled gray zone» Novorossiia «. I also thanked all our artists, writers, scholars, historians, journalists who spoke, wrote the truth about the unlawful aggressive actions of the enemy, as during the years of the Ukrainian Revolution, they called for the fight against terrorists, speaking brightly and talented about the battles and feats of the Zaporozhian Army, the Cossacks Sichovyky UNR, Ukrainian state, Insurgent movement, fighters and commanders of the present time. Unlike NATO members, we are in a difficult position regarding our right to faith. The Moscow church is also actively opposed to the creation of a single Local Autocephalous Orthodox Church in our country, using dishonest dirty ways to slow down the process, to insult the feelings of Ukrainian believers, with the help of the assassin and various invaders, oppresses and intimidates people and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

The adventurous advocacy through satellite TV and other means in which the Moscow «kermanichi» invests millions of dollars in conjunction with selling politicians and disguised «Yunukovtsi» in the power structures on the ground, public organizations are trying to prevent the state from moving to a normal well-off life.

In the West, thanks to huge bribes for radical politicians and their parties, Moscow tries to test new technologies for influencing citizens and their right to choose. Therefore, joint cooperation, assistance in the fight against invaders and terrorists from friendly democratic European countries is very important for us, and our experience of countering gangsters will also help to find out to colleagues the weak and strong sides of the invaders who are not so far from the West.

It is good that Volodymyr Yatsenko, Ambassador of Ukraine in Lithuania, actively participated in the conference with his colleagues, who warmly congratulated our delegation and supported the abstracts of speeches.

According to our decision to the colleagues of Vytautas Zymancius, the Versions of the Order of Dmitry Vyshnevetsky were presented, my author’s work — the book «Vognyani Rosy» about the latest military-political history of the Zaporozhian Cossacks and the first historic issue of the national publication of the almanac «Ukrainian Patriotic Cossacks.»

With interest and respect, the magazines about the activities of the Union of Sagittarius titled «Trimitas», which was the subject of our third Congress of the Cossacks, were presented to us. I want to emphasize with particular respect the participants and organizers of the international conference are putting on the veterans of the liberation movement and the participants of the struggle for the independence of the Republic of Lithuania.

Many elderly people were invited to the conference, including those who had experienced persecution by the NKVD and the Bolsheviky during the occupation and the post-war period when thousands and thousands of patriots, soldiers, intellectuals, scholars were executed and sent to Siberia where inhuman conditions were in the terrible GDC (the General Directorate of the camps), in the hall, by the forces of local historians and ethnographers, a huge photo exhibition about the century of Lithuanian Independence, peaceful life, the seizure of the republic by the Moscow horde, emigration, youth scouts’ organizations, the struggle of the underground and the Riflemen’s activity, were interesting for the audience to speak with living witnesses and participants in the stormy events of the confrontation with the Soviet aggression. Invited were also military and youth from educational institutions with an intensive study of military affairs.

I sincerely thank all the speakers and organizers of this important issue, including how many experts have emphasized in support of Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and Independence of a recognized, necessary and venerable event!



Head of the Atamans’ Great Council of the Zaporozhian Cossacks,

Candidate of Science in State Administration,

Military historian, the head of the Cossack resistance movement from 2014 till 2017,

author of the book Dmitry Sukhinin (Gora)



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